The Homies

The Homies
We were such tourists in Tijuana during our trip in 2007

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Love You Kent!

Top 10 reasons Kent is such a great father/husband:

10. Likes survivor
9. He just goes with the flow
8. The most non-judgmental person I know
7. So easy to talk to
6. He is not a complainer like I am
5. Takes his job serious and does so well
4. Puts up with kid stuff all over the house
3. Would do anything for any of us
2. Never yells at his family
1. Loves us as much as we love him

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tribute to our Graduate

Jamie is an official graduate! He made it through this significant hurdle in life. We are so proud of him. Things started off Sunday, June 1st, with his seminary graduation. Bishop Davis presented him with his diploma. It was a perfect meeting. After this graduation, he opened his gift from us and got a new cell phone (a real cool one that I want) with text messaging. He was stoked because texting had been taken away a few years ago (because teenagers think they can text during work, practice time, all hours of the night, and 150 messages a day, etc) and his phone had broken a few months ago. Grandma and grandpa B gave him luggage which will prove very useful in the coming months and years and grandparents G & H gave him money (way too much of it). Tuesday, June 3rd, was high school graduation held at the Expo Center. It was really awesome to see him walk the aisle and get his name read. Just a very proud moment. Grandma Gibbs and Grandpa Brockbank were the ones crying the most though, even more than me. He had a great day. Jamie worked hard throughout his high school years. He also held a part-time job and was in so many bands, orchestras, in AP classes, etc. He even graduated (parents are allowed to brag about their children) 12th in his class out of about 535. Jamie volunteered to serve in the special needs seminary class and never complained. He didn't learn much for himself, but learned how to help others. In fact, his volunteer teacher, pretty much got him his new summer job she loved him so much. We can't believe high school is over for Jamie but are so excited for his college years. Way to go Jamie! We love you and are so, so, so proud. (Samantha made the poster in the photo for him)

School's Out

No one is as excited as I am that school is over. It was an extremely difficult year for me. Calling it "part-time" as they call it was a joke. It may be part-time teaching, but not part-time working. If I go back next year, it will be easier, but Heather DOES NOT want me to teach again. She didn't like all the time I had to spend on correcting, planning, etc. I can't decide what to do. If I substitute, things would be way more flexible but I wouldn't earn near the money and it wouldn't go towards my state retirement benefits. Decisions, decisions. Here is my Language Arts class at our Opera dress rehearsal. Aren't they adorable?

A Killer Smile

After about five years of going to the orthodontist, Samantha did it! Her braces are off and what a killer smile she has. I'm so thankful for ortho work. Samantha wouldn't even show her teeth in her 2nd grade picture because they were so bad. Now just look at them. Smile proudly Sam.

RIP Barney

Our "dear dented Barney-mobile" is no longer. Barney (affectionately named and even called by Tunex workers) gave up the ghost. It may have seemed like an old car being a '94 plymouth but it only had 80,000+ miles on the thing. We weren't about to build the transmission again. Jamie would just have to suffer not having complete freedom to an auto. Barney has many memories with our family. Heather didn't even cry when it left like she did when Kent's old white altima was sold. The only advice I have after owning an American made car is unfortunately... "Buy Foreign". We love you Barney.