The Homies

The Homies
We were such tourists in Tijuana during our trip in 2007

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Die Cutters and Chipmunks

So we ended up getting Lizzy a new die cutter since the other one we got turned out to be a piece of junk. We found a Cricut die cutter for a steal at Roberts Crafts and she is now in the other room playing and giggling. We are all quickly becoming experts in regards to die cutters.

We also went to the Chipmunks movie, Heather chose this and we are putting National Treasure on hold (again). Why the critics liked this movie is beyond me because I found it wildly entertaining for anyone under 10. Which means I heard Jamie sigh through this movie at least a dozen times since he wanted to be anywhere but where we were.


Osborne Family said...

Welcome to Blogworld, Lynette! I will check Homieshaven regularly!!

kendra d said...

Welcome to Blogging!! I love your blog. Very "edgy" and cool.