The Homies

The Homies
We were such tourists in Tijuana during our trip in 2007

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Easter!

A crazy thing happened at our house this morning... the Easter Bunny came. He must of known we would be out of town on Easter and so he was so nice to surprise us all and came early. Samantha and Heather are showing the cute magnet boards they received, Samantha's new spring outfit, movies for the trip (each child got a movie which means that will account for 4-5 hours of peace and quiet while driving), and notice the darling baskets. We love these baskets because they won't fit very much candy in them. These girls are so wonderful. We love Easter and what it represents.


Camille said...

Happy Easter! Have a great trip!

Lenice said...

Happy early Easter. What fun Easter baskets. It will be fun spending Easter together in sunny St. George. Have fun!!!

Osborne Family said...

I can't believe how much you have added to your blog. I love it!! I especially love the photo of you and Heather with the makeup- do you think she would be willing to give me a "new" look, too?

Michelle said...

Fun Easter gifts! I hope you had a great trip in the warm weather while we celebrate in the snow!